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Object-Oriented Programming Concept

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This short lesson has the following sections.

  1. Introduction
  2. Has-a Relationship
  3. Is-a Relationship
  4. Examples
  5. Further Reading

Many people feel frustrated when they first started learning the concept of object-oriented programming, especially on how to program in Java, which is a popular object-oriented language.

Let's start with a personal experience. Let's say Mary who was left totally confused about this whole "object-oriented" thing and felt frustrated and lost. She read many related books about such thing, but still lost and confused. She needs a good analogy to help herself understand the nature of Java.

We have created this brief tutorial not in order to be an exhaustive Java resource, but rather to introduce you to the concepts of object oriented programming in a way that is interesting, not threatening. If all goes well, we'll reach our goal and you will get what you want.

We try our best to give you a good analogy to make things clearer and give the most basic introduction of object-oriented concept. For short, the object-oriented programming will be mentioned in the following as OOP. The OOD means object-oriented design and OOA means object-oriented architecture. For this tutorial, we focus on OOP. Some terms will be boldfaced to draw your attention. They are actually Java terms. Hope you can remember them as you go along.

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