Java vs. C#

Code for Code Comparison

Index of Contents

Getting started Keywords Types Access Modifiers Application Startup
Array type Conditional Statements Constructor default Modifier Documentation
Event Handler Exception final vs. sealed String vs. string Inheritance
Instance Interface internal Modifier Keywords Library & Package
Loop Constructs Method Modifiers Operators Out Parameters Overriding
Parameter Array Primitives vs Objects protected Modifier Reference Parameters Scope
Stack class Static Context struct synchronized vs lock try/catch Statement
Type Example Value Type Multiple Thread Attribute Shared Features
readonly keyword protected Modifier Properties Polymorphism Pointer
Pass By Value vs. Pass By Reference Operator Overloading Objects new keyword namespace vs. package
Maximums and Minmums Boxing vs. Unboxing Library & Package Initialization of Parent Constructor Indexer
foreach Field modifiers Escape Sequences enum event
delegate Converting a string to a number const keyword Command-line Interactive Class Modifiers