What is new in jdk1.4?

  1. Classes and interfaces: from 212(jdk1.0) to 2738
  2. jdk1.4 specification is defined and developed by the diversity of the Java community, not only by SUN now.
  3. A new keyword assert is added in.
  4. Support for the latest hardware and software like IPv6 networking support and 64-bit support for Solaris.
  5. A regular expression facility (a hidden perl in J2SE 1.4)
  6. A preferences facility (store user preferences with very little effort)
  7. New I/O-Related Capabilities
  8. New JFC Capabilities
    Improvements to:
  9. New Deployment Facilities
  10. Extensions Become Standard
  11. New security features:
  12. The above list is not exhausted, just list them for your information.