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SCJP Training Program FAQs

Course Preview
for non-programmers
Course Preview
for non-OO programmers
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     This comprehensive and integrated training program is designed only for people who are interested in seeking certification in Java programming in a short period of time.

     There are two entries:

  1. Non-Programmer Entry
  2. Other Non-Object-Oriented Programmer Entry

     The non-programmer entry-training program is designed for people who have basic mathematical, logic, and analytical problem solving skills and who want to begin learning the Java programming language and get certified quickly. This includes technical writers, Web developers, technical managers, system administrators and individuals with a scripting experience such as Perl, JavaScript, or PHP programmers. It will take 6 months to finish the program and be ready for certification test.

     The Other Non-Object-Oriented programmer entry training program is designed for people who have already established their object-oriented concepts through other object-oriented programming languages like C++, SmallTalk or have one or two years' experience in Java programming and are interested in demonstrating proficiency in Java programming via certification test.

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SUN Test Info

For jdk1.4

Exam number: CX-310-035
Exam type: Multiple choices and short answers.
Time limit: 120 minutes.
Number of Question: 61
Pass score: 52% (32 of 61 questions)
Test fee: $150.
Available at: Authorized Prometric testing centers
Test Register: 1 800-422-8020 in North America.
Test Center locator: www.2test.com
Test Guide jdk1.4 jdk1.4(upgrade)

For jdk1.2, 1.3

Exam number: CX-310-025
Exam type: Multiple choices and short answers.
Time limit: 120 minutes.
Number of Question: 59
Pass score: 61% (36 of 59 questions)
Test fee: $150.
Available at: Authorized Prometric testing centers
Test Register: 1 800-422-8020 in North America.
Test Center locator: www.2test.com
Test Guide jdk1.2-1.3

Sun's Certification Info

Sun's 10 Free Sample Questions

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What should be tested?

     The specific and up-to-date test objectives can be found here

     The exam contains theoretical as well as practical questions, make sure you gain expertise over the following fields.

  • Understand the syntax and semantics of the fundamentals of Java language. You may expect questions like what is allowed (legal) and not allowed (illegal), what would happen,whether the code gives Compile-time or Run-Time error or what is the output, etc.
  • Know how to use general packages like java.lang and java.util.
  • Java I/O package will not be tested, but you should be able to read related code.
  • Understand and know how to use all operators.
  • Be good in understanding Java String, and know how to use String and StringBuffer classes.
  • Understand the meaning and purpose of Garbage Collection and its limitation.
  • Understand Thread synchronization and communications.
  • Be expert in method overloading, overriding and runtime types.
  • Understand the object oriented programming principles and how a program in Java executes.
  • Know how to handle exceptions.
  • Understand Java collection framework. Be able to tell difference if given several collection classes.
  • Get to know wrapper classes Like Integer, Float, Character etc. These are all final classes. My Suggestion-
  • AWT, event handling and layout management require hands-on experience. You may not be tested in such topics, but be sure you are able to understand the code if given.
  • Have a good test skill(cognitive thinking) and know how to manage time and quick response. Get mock test simulator to practice.


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Am I qualified to participate?

     YES! You are qualified. There are two entries for you to choose:

  1. Non-Programmer Entry
    • If you want to shift your career to an IT programming track seriously
    • If you are just getting started in programming and have little experience in any language
    • If you have a little experience in traditional (procedure-style) programming like COBOL, FORTRAN, lack exposure to an object-oriented programming language.
    • If you are a system administrator, technical writer or manager, or Web developer
    • If you are a student with non-computer science major or non-engineering major
    • If you are a scripting programmer like Perl, PHP, or JavaScript, etc.
  2. Other Non-Object-Oriented Programmer Entry
    • If you are a programmer and already familiar with Java to some extent.
    • If you are a computer science student and have finished CS I and II
    • If you have finished a Java programming course and have a grade of "C" or above
    • If you are an experienced Java programmer.
    • If you are a quick learner and have experience in OOP programming like C++
    • If you have a theoretical understanding of Java, but have plenty of time to get practice.

    If you are still not sure, please take an online assessment test.

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How to prepare?

     For the exam preparation, a regular programmer may need a month or more of dedicated study and practice of sample questions. For a non programmer, the preparation may call for approx. 6 month's time if working part time.

     To get used to the way exam is conducted one can start trying mock simulator regularly 10 days before the real exam. It not only helps save your time but also give you better feel of the actual exam.

     On the day of the exam, one must remain composed and cool headed. Although 2 hrs is sufficient time to attempt 61 questions, but I would still recommend that the person should have proper time management skills and good speed for solving each question carefully.

     If you are a very good experienced Java programmer, you may not pass the exam if not prepared well. Be sure to get enough time to prepare for it, especially trying the test simulator.

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How Long for Each Training Program

     For non-programmer entry, it will take 6-months intensive training to finish the program and be ready for the certification test.

     For non-object-oriented entry, it will take 3-months intensive training to finish the program and be ready for the certification test.

     Which training program is good for you, please take an assessment test

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What Will I learn?

     For both entries, you will gain the skills:

  1. Grasp the object-oriented features of the Java language, such as encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.
  2. Create, execute, and run a Java technology applications
  3. Identify and define key concepts relating to object-oriented development in the Java programming language.
  4. Declare and instantiate Java technology classes
  5. Use Java technology data types and expressions
  6. Use Java technology flow control constructs
  7. Use Arrays and other data collections
  8. Implement error-handling techniques using exception handling
  9. Use layout managers to achieve a desired dynamic layout design.
  10. Create event-driven graphical user interfaces (GUI) using Java technology GUI components: panels, buttons, labels, text fields, and text areas in AWT/Swing packages
  11. Implement I/O functionality to read from and write to data and text files.
  12. Create multi-threaded programs
  13. Create client/server system by using TCP/IP sockets and RMI
For more information, please consult the test objectives: jdk1.2-1.3 jdk1.4 and Upgraded jdk1.4 objectives

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How Can I Be Trained?

     The practice-oriented training is the fastest, most effective way to get the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. It is focused on combining lecture and lab and covers several courses like SL-110, WP-1203, SL-210, SL-275, SL-265 and SL-255, in one training program. For SUN's course information, please click here.

     You will be instructed in lectures to go over every test section and be given many test questions to clarify the lecture contents and test goals. These lectures and test questions are designed by certified Java developers and trainers. You will be instructed to solve coding problems, get hands-on experience to meet objectives and pass the certification test.

     We will provide training materials, books, including practical examples to promote your understanding of Java technology thoroughly.

     For non-object-oriended programmers, the training will be conducted in the following procedure:

  1. Timed pre-test to assess skill level before each topic.
  2. Lecture delivered based on the test result.
  3. Heavily coding practice (solving code problems)
  4. Timed post-test to help judge the skill level.
  5. Analyze test questions.
  6. Retest until the test goal reached (score 90%)

     Before the real test, candidates will take 10 mock exams to get test skill done (2 min per question). If the average score is 85%, the candidate will be ready for the real test. You will be guaranteed to pass the test absolutely when going through the training program.

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Benefit of Being Certified

     Certification testing is a means of measuring your knowledge and skill level. It can also be used to identify areas for further improvement and/or areas of strength, and as a tool for further learning and future achievement.

     Being certified with cutting-edge technology can help you improve your career potential, gain more respect, increase your job security and opportunities and let you stand out in the crowd. SCJP certification will make you more competitive in the job market and more confident to find a job or do a project because you have the hard evidence to show that you are qualified. IT job agents are much more likely to help certified professionals to find a better job.

     According to the survey of justtechjobs.com, Java programmers have earned the highest salaries in the last three years among all IT fields. Recent surveys have shown that certified Java professionals earn a salary as much as 30% higher than the uncertified professionals.

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Can I read the course preview?

     YES. The course preview for non-programmers will let you know the general coverage of the main topics quickly. The lecture contents and training progress listed in the preview may be altered according to the class situation.

     The course preview for non-object-oriented programmers is available. Generally, all topics are focused on the objectives published by SUN.

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What is the tuition?

     You are recommended to take an assessment test before you register for a program. Or you can browse our training programs & services. You may also send your inquiry to javacamp or fill an Online Application

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Is Financial Aid Available?

     YES! The financial aid depends on your performance in an assessment test. Credit card payments are also accepted. For more information, please send your inquiry to javacamp

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How to start?

     Register for the class first by sending us an email or fill an Online Application to arrange an interview with instructor if you are in Iowa area. If you are in an international or out of state area, fill an Online Application, and you will be contacted by javacamp personnel. Be sure to take an assessment test first. The training program may be adapted to your time schedule.

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Where to start?

     The training location is in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and surrounding area. The specific location for Iowa City will be announced shortly after your registration.

     For out of state or international students, you will be redirected to an online training program after you fill in the Online Application.

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Why SUN's certification ?

     Sun Microsystems, Inc is the creator or inventor of the Java programming language and its certification has a great prestige in the market compared to the certifications issued by other organizations. These two-entry programs are specially designed to help people to earn SUN Certified Java Programmer certifications. You are guaranteed to get trained in a right and fast way to reach your goal. If you fail to pass the test, you will have your money back. For details, please contact us via email to us.

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About Vantage Point Inc.


     Vantage Point Inc. (VPI) was founded by a group of Cedar Rapids' entrepreneurs that saw a need for advanced training programs in leading-edge technologies such as Java and other topics such as Lean manufacturing.

     Sue Ann Vannice serves as CEO. Sue, an alumnus of Indiana University, has extensive experience as an officer or director with numerous non-profit groups. She is also President of PEP/CR, a Hiawatha, IA based career coaching firm.

     Thaddeus P. Vannice, a business consultant, is a veteran of finance professional. He Holds a BA in Mathematics from Indiana University and an MBA from the Kelly Graduate School of Business at Indiana University.

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Trainers Profile

     Dr. Guo is an international speaker and consultant, expertizing in material science, business management and software development.

     Dr. Rader, a computing consultant, working part time for GUI.

     Judy Xu is a Sun Certified Java Developer(SCJD), the author of SCJD Study Companion for certified Java programmers(Ebook), the author of RMIWizard(freeware) which is a tool to help new Java RMI programmers to set up client/server system with Adapter Design Pattern. She compiled the test question database and developed the mock test simulator and other self-test tools for Java programmers. Judy has been active in the Java field for the last 5 years. She conducts on-line & on-site Java certification training worldwide.

     If you choose instructor-led program for SCJD, your instructor may be different, but chosen by Judy definitely. You are guaranteed to have a qualified instructor to guide you to your success.

     To contact her, please send email to her or join her mailing list for more Java training information.

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Directions to the Training Site

     The training site in Cedar Rapids area is located at 1110 Dina Ct. Hiawatha, IA 52233, USA.

For international or out of state people, please click here to see a larger map.

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Hotel Information

     A discount rate is available. For hotel direction and reservation, please send us an email. We will help you to find a hotel you desire.
Hotel NameReference Rate($USD)
Ramada Ltd Stes Cedar Rapids 48.00 - 135.00
Comfort Inn North 49.00 - 78.95
Exp And Stes Cedar Rapids 71.40 - 94.00
Econo Lodge Cedar Rapids 38.66 - 65.95
Comfort Inn South 49.00 - 81.95
Heartland Inn Cedar Rapids 65.99 - 165.00
Howard Johnson Airport 67.96 - 107.95
Ramada Limited Cedar Rapids 43.00 - 140.00
Rri And Suites Cedar Rock 59.99 - 101.99
Super 8 Cedar Rapids West 50.29 - 73.88
Crowne Plaza Five Seasons 60.00 - 139.00
Exel Inn Of Cedar Rapids 37.79 - 51.99
Clarion Hotel And Convention Center 64.00 - 210.00
Guesthouse Cedar Rapids 54.00 - 84.00
Holiday Inn Express 69.00 - 94.00
Days Inn Cedar Rapids 45.00 - 70.00

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