Project 4

Due date: April 11 Thr 8:30 pm


(50 points)Write an applet that displays a city skyline, similar to the sample shown in the following. Name the applet


	Bonus part has the due date before the final examination
	Detailed instructions conducted in Lab time

You are required to write the following info in your project header.

* Name:
* Proj4:
* Description:(copy project requirements)
* Due Date: April 11 Thr 8:30pm.
* Score earned:
* Feedback(optional see below):
1. How do you think about the project?

A. too easy for me
C. hard for me

2. If your code has been found creative and efficient, 
do you want to be listed as a sample code open for 
your classmates?

A. No, absolutely not.
B. It is OK, don't put my name on.
C. Don't care. Put my name on.