Project 1

Due date:


(50 points) >java -cp . DollarChanger 57 dollars equal 2 20's 1 10's 1 5's 2 1's >java -cp . DollarChanger 99 99 dollars equal 4 20's 1 10's 1 5's 4 1's

You are required to write the following info in your project header.

* Name:
* Proj1: DollarChanger
* Description:(copy project requirements)
* Due Date: Feb 5 Tue 6:00pm.
* Score earned:
* Feedback(optional see below):
1. How do you think about the project?

A. too easy for me
C. hard for me

2. If your code has been found creative and efficient, 
do you want to be listed as a sample code open for 
your classmates?

A. No, absolutely not.
B. It is OK, don't put my name on.
C. Don't care. Put my name on.

Self Testing

Test your utility program with command line data 0, -34, 58967 or any data you choose.

Write a test program to test it.

Before you turn in your project, you are recommended to use the AutoCheckP1 utility (designed for Project 1)to test your program functionality and check if it meets the specification. If your program passes the test, you will have a chance to get a full score. The instructor will use the same utility to check your program and read your code mainly for style and comments check.

The AutoCheckP1 program can be downloaded from here

When you download it to your floppy disk, unjar it on command line:

 A:\jar -xf AutoCheckP1.jar
And then type:
A:\java -cp . AutoCheckP1 DollarChanger

Turn in

After successfully passing the AutoCheckP1, you may feel confident in turning in your project for scoring. Turn in the floppy disk with source code and class file when the class is in session before the due date. Your floppy disk will be returned to you after the due date.

Trouble Shooting

If you have any problem in running AutoCheckP1 or have any questions, feel free to send email to Judy.