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The source : UI CS quiz about java IO
Question :
Java has many class name ending with reader or writer like StreamReader, InputStreamReader, etc. 
The readers have methods that can read and return floats and doubles. True or False.
A. True
B. False
B would be correct. Because these readers and writers only deal with character I/O. 
It is not possible for these methods to return floats or doubles.

The source : A book
Question :
public void paint(Graphics g) {    
A. A circle at(100,100)with radius of 44
B. A circle at(100,44) with radius of 100
C. A circle at(100,44) with radius of 44
D. The code does not compile.
Answer would be D. Because one more variable is needed to draw an oval.

The source : Somewhere
Question :
Which of the following may contain a menu bar?
A. a panel
B. a frame
C. an applet
D. a menu
The answer would be B.